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Embassy Bus President and co-founder Alex Foris.

Years ago, when Alex Foris started asking folks who called him: “Why do you want to do business with us?” he found that customers liked the fact that they had their calls and questions answered quickly and honestly. Alex feels that kind of integrity influences product craftsmanship as well: “We wouldn’t build anything we would not use ourselves, and that means taking our time to build things that will last.”   He says they’re not interested in putting out products for volume purposes, but is proud that their products continue to be used by customers for the long haul over many years. Our brand of integrity means that “You can do business with us on a handshake and things will get done, which is a rarity in today’s market.

Our slogan, ‘Where integrity meets craftsmanship for something genuinely different’  represents Alex and Terry’s many years of commitment and responsiveness to their customers, along with SVO’s unfailing dedication to building the best vehicles on the road that will provide excellent service for many years. •