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Embassy Bus Vice-President, co-founder and designer Terry Minix

Terry Minix originally learned the value of building for quality in the construction business, and applied those lessons to his early commercial vehicle designs. He showed his first custom RV to Alex Foris way back in the 1990s, as they were both tenants in the same building, with a shared passion for vehicle innovation.

Today, Embassy® Bus by SVO Group, Inc. is sharply focused on providing design innovation and top build quality for their new line of E-Series and M-Series buses as well as custom commercial vehicles.

When building vehicles to meet customer needs, Terry focuses on several key factors: ease of product service, effectiveness of customer use, and cost effectiveness. Embassy vehicles are designed to minimize service incidents and repair times, and, thus, reduce customer down time. When designing custom specialty vehicles, Terry uses the best available materials to create an uncommon “wow!” factor and maintains the philosophy that Embassy vehicles will hold up and perform at a level that will last a long time.